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Sandrine Auriol

Printmaker but also scientist, Sandrine loves the colours and texture you can achieve with printmaking, as well as the collaborative process. Images can be reworked and viewed with a different perspective.

Sandrine has always been an art lover, drawing and sketching. She discovered printmaking during lockdown, thanks to Scarlett Rebecca a printmaker from DrawBrighton. Last year, she joined the Curwen Studio and continued learning printmaking with the certificate course where she met many new lovely people.


Helen Cade

With a background in frontline emergency care and a training in tropical and conflict nursing, it is no surprise that Helen is compelled to create work that reflects the agonies and ecstasies of the human spirit. Helen's work intends to reflect the human experience and seeks to create a visual language with which to advocate for those without a voice.


Helen's work is versatile and flexible, allowing the subject to dictate the expression. She has, therefore, embraced multiple media, including urban graffiti; bronze and resin sculpture; stone lithography, as well as other traditional painting and printmaking techniques. 

In addition to creating her own work, Helen teaches at the Curwen Print Study Centre, where she has previously curated exhibitions from the Curwen Archive, including the work of Barbara Hepworth, Paula Rego and John Piper, as well as exhibitions of the work of the Studio's contemporary artists.


Fenella Francis

Artist Printmaker

I have lived in Cambridgeshire for over twenty years, bringing up my family. I have returned to the creative arts after a long time, though I have been building up a fund of knowledge and experience in various fields including bookbinding, metal work and textiles.

I have long had a fondness for printing, making my own cards and poem sheets from an early age. Attending the Curwen Print Study Centre has brought me back to work on paper and has been a huge help in improving my knowledge and skills in various techniques.

My work tends towards linear and abstract images, often with some story behind what seem like decorative prints, fed by the rage we may all feel sometimes at world events. When not printing I am to be found either training my dogs or spinning!


Ali Hunte

Ali is interested in the numinous moments, states and emotions that many of us experience, but that are difficult or impossible to put into words. In an attempt to capture these moments, she paints and prints spontaneously and freely, and tends towards the abstract in her work. Ali also uses symbolic imagery from dreams and visions to portray transcendent states.


Ali's work therefore attempts to bring something into being. A connection between artist and viewers and for viewers looking at the art to share the moment with each other. Hopefully some new connection is made in the silent sharing of this unnamed emotion.


Jessica Pearce

Like many creatives I found it very hard to make art during lockdown. Over the last year art became a tool for reconnection with myself and the world.

I revisited printmaking at the Curwen Print Study Centre after a 20 year hiatus and picked up my brushes and created scultural assemblages at home.

The narratives underpinning my work are a mix of invented dark fairy tale and myth. 

I am a co founder and designer for jewellery brand Scream Pretty. 

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